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Class of 2006  (First Graduating Class)                                  

Derek Harris, Kyle Perry, Deanna May

Class of 2007

Kesha Mock, Amanda Olney, Nellie Shaw

Class of 2008

Adrienne Emrick, DJ Johnston, Joshua Mousel, Clayton Peeples (Home School)

Class of 2009

Janay Allen, Ashley Emrick, Samantha Faron, Tymmy Gennaro, Jessica Peeples

Class of 2010

Dana Eatough

Class of 2011

Krystal Scott

Class of 2012

Anastasia Allen, Michelle Faron, Aaron Gerhart, Sheldon O'Brien, Dennis Perez, Henry Quigley, Ethan Vanscoy

Class of 2013

Justin Butler, Marl Clevenger (Home School), Jesse Moffitt (Home School), Michael Johns, Chris Mousel, Lacey Watson

Class of 2014

Logan Allen, Matt Beebe, Will Carman (Home School), Ebba Clevenger (Home School), Bryony Cummings, Douglas Dahl, Tyrel Earnest, Bethany Hodges (Home School), Sarah Miller (Home School), Hannah Rigsby

Class of 2015

Vinay Angirekula, Janessa Calder, Megan Coover, Elijah Corcoran (Home School), Isaac Corcoran (Home School), Pete Kimbrell, Blake Koelber, Justin Paluzzi, Camron Ray, Shannon Richards, Caleb Seest

Class of 2016

Luke Alexander, Rebekah Cook, Tanna Dates, Joshua Dixon, Curtesa Dunn, Zachary Gilmer, Kamryn Krainock, Emilee Moffitt, Zackery Mousel, Garrett Palmer, Justin Sergent, Tyler Sims, Rebecca Stanzione, Jonathan Tolley, Crystal Trembley

Class of 2017

Kristen Beebe, Andrew Breedlove, William Eyes, Grant Koelber, Hannah McCoy, Madison Samons, Austin Urban, Makenna Deal, Lydia Seest, Alex Lampinen, Lori Withkowski

Class of 2018

Kaley Adkisson, Samuel Amesbury, Jacob Bryant, Caleb Deal (Home School), Andrew Gillmer, Connor Palmer, Michael Perez, Nikole Richards, Ijawon Rowells, Robert Samons, Codie Tusa, Collin Works, Autumn Wyllie

Class of 2019

Luke Allen, Joshua Andrews, Pranavy Angirekula, Dylan Autenrieth (Home School), Austin Chmura, Joseph Harrison, Jason Kimbrell, Brianna Maddox (Home School), Nathan McCoy, Nathan Reese, Chloe Riddley, Titus Steed, Whitney Woodard

Class of 2020

Eve Allen, Grace Barcza, Hannah Breedlove, Roy Coderre, Joell Dixon, Jada Dresher, Joseph Frampton, Matthew Rollason, Shanna Sadler

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